Tongue piercing healing

Tongue piercing healing

The tongue piercing healing should calculate some time, because like other wounds also need the tongue piercing a solid healing time. This can vary from person to person, usually it is between three and six weeks. Tongue Piercing Healing The tongue piercing is pierced at a very sensitive spot. Run here many cores and the taste buds. Even if these are not violated when the sting, thus pain can arise. Moreover, in most cases occurs in a swelling, but in the course of healing Barbell disappears by itself. Also bleeding in the first few days after the piercing is quite common.

The entire tongue piercing healing takes between three to six weeks. Since every body reacts differently to the new jewel, it is not possible to give a blanket healing time. Nevertheless, it is guaranteed that in most people within six weeks a full tongue piercing healing is done and then also be no more pain.

To avoid inflammation at this time it is advisable to follow the advice from the piercer and clean the mouth thoroughly after every meal and also to refrain from acidic foods.

The cure speed

Tongue piercing healing

with some measures, it is possible to accelerate the tongue piercing healing and to achieve so that the piercing is healed in a short time. There are various measures that can accelerate healing and should be followed in every case.

This includes, for example, that is waived during tongue piercing heals on some foods. These include dairy products, fruit juices and acidic fruits, as these can increase the healing time. Especially in the first three to seven days, these foods should disappear altogether from the diet. The same goes for cigarettes and alcohol. Also eggs to strong spices and excessively sharp should not be consumed, as well as this could slow the tongue piercing healing.

Furthermore, some piercers, which are addressed to the tongue piercing healing, liked the following motto: “Speech is silver, silence is gold.” Especially in the first week after harvesting should follow this rule, for every word ensures that the tongue moves and therefore the wound is stressed again. This also applies to intimate kissing that should even be taboo in the first three to four weeks. This could also have a negative impact on the tongue piercing healing.

Tongue piercing healing

Also at kisses the risk that bacteria enter into the oral cavity and cause inflammation. In this way, the healing time is greatly extended again, sometimes even is a treatment by a doctor is necessary. After tongue piercing healing then the forbidden foods and of course the kisses of the beloved taste even better. the groom piercing regularly can also be specified to comply with basic rules of the tongue piercing healing are accelerated by making optimal care. Thus, the wound did not return accrues, it is important that tongue piercing during the healing process two to three times per day rauszunehmen to clean and disinfect.

In addition, you should replace the long pin in about a week against a loser if the swelling has decreased so far. If these instructions are not followed, threatened the clogging of the injection site. In this case it becomes necessary nachstechen that tongue piercing healing naturally adversely affected and also brings with him more pain.

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