Signs that your navel piercing to heal

Signs that your navel piercing to heal

When people get their navels pierced, can often be very difficult to wait 6-12 months is recommended for proper treatment. Navel rings are some body jewelry, belly button piercing, but the most common among the slowest to heal.

Other piercings may require a minimum of four to six weeks to heal, but navel ring is much longer. Young people who get piercings usually have more time to wait for a belly ring to be ready for editing.

 Signs that your navel piercing to heal

The purpose of this article is to provide tips and tricks to speed up the healing time, and how to tell when the piercing is fully healed and ready for change.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not touch your new piercing unless absolutely necessary. It is recommended that people clean navel rings once every day with warm water and antibacterial soap and avoid using creams or alcohols that irritate or dry out the skin.

 Signs that your navel piercing to heal

Second, be sure to wear loose clothing that does not irritate your piercing again rubbing against it during everyday activities. Belly rings are especially vulnerable as irritation because people usually wear shirts every day. Avoid sports or activities that cause excessive sweating is another way to prevent the pain and healing time speed.

Here are things to look, showing that the piercing has healed and you are ready to make rings navel.

No redness or around the piercing site.

Secretion, piercing gray or greenish.

No crusting or bleeding around the belly ring.

No pain when cleaning navel piercings

 Signs that your navel piercing to heal

The ability to turn the navel ring one full turn without pain, bleeding or discharge.

If your navel ring passes all the above tests, you’re probably ready to change belly button rings. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will get to hear some of the negative symptoms by changing your ring. The only way to make sure you’re ready to change your belly ring is reconsider your piercing his blessing.

The above tips are a good indication of what must be passed before you try to move your belly button ring, and if you feel pain or severe infection, consult your doctor immediately to avoid further injury.

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